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The Group SM International Inc. founder Bernard Poulin pushes for Green Engineering

The United States Environmental Protection Agency defines green engineering as the design and commercialization of economical and feasible products and processes, which also minimizes pollution at the source and reduces risk for human beings and the environment. It recognizes that decisions to protect human beings and the environment have maximum impact when they are applied early in the development and design phase of the product or process.

The SM Group International Inc. was founded by Mr. Bernard Poulin when he was still a civil engineering student. The company is now one of the top engineering companies in Canada. The group realizes that there is a pressing need to adopt green engineering technologies both for the sake of human beings and the environment. The company has synergized the capabilities of the best minds in the field with innovative practices to ensure the safety of the community and environment.

Green engineering is near the top of the list of green movements

Many companies have adopted the green or eco-friendly stamp. Some have reduced human impact on the environment better than others. Green engineering is one such ‘green’ movement that is expected to have a tremendously positive impact. Simply put, it is the science (or art) of applying engineering principles to create structures and systems that will minimize the usage of resources and diminish toxic waste. It calls for holistic thinking at all stages of the design and engineering process, including undertaking an environmental impact assessment of the project. It is an exciting field for engineers who are encouraged to think innovatively.

How is the SM Group International Inc. facing the challenge?

Mr. Bernard Poulin’s company provides comprehensive engineering services like project management, project development, design, engineering, asset management and even systems integration. The company’s mission is to create environmentally stable and sustainable systems and introduce them to the world.

Under the leadership of Mr. Bernard Poulin, the SM Group International Inc. has developed into a socially conscious enterprise. The company seeks to stabilize and strengthen infrastructure in developing countries, promote environmental values, find solutions to issues affecting quality of life and reduce poverty in countries struggling to provide citizens with adequate services. With this mission as a priority, the SM Group International Inc. is working to attract the brightest talent in engineering and ensure its efficient management, so that the company can be the catalyst of positive change. With Mr. Bernard Poulin at the helm, the SM Group International Inc. continues to go from success to success.



Mr. Bernard Poulin Receives Honorary Doctorate from New Jersey City University

Mr. Bernard Poulin, President and CEO of the SM Group International Inc., has received many awards in his life including a doctor of letter, honoris causa bestowed on him by New Jersey City University.

The doctorate was handed to him during a ceremony attended by many distinguished university members, including vice presidents, various schools deans, trustees and members of the university’s foundation.

Established in the year 1929, New Jersey City University is a distinguished public university in New Jersey. Famous alumni include Brian P. Stack, Clay Constantinou, Bob Delaney and Betty Shabazz among others. The university has three colleges which together offer 41 undergraduate programs and 27 graduate programs.

A Doctorate as a recognition of Mr. Bernard’s contribution to society and industry

Mr. Bernard Poulin is a well-known Canadian businessman who built the SM Group International Inc. from nothing, while still being an undergraduate student in civil engineering at the University of Sherbrooke. He later went on to earn a Master’s degree in civil engineering from the same university in 1980. He has also earned business and management certifications from Harvard University and George Washington University.

The SM Group International Inc. is a multinational conglomerate with interests in project management, project development, asset management, design, engineering, systems integration and other fields. The company is active in Asia, Africa, North and Latin America, the Middle East and North Africa. Today, the group is one of the leading engineering companies in Canada.

Mr. Bernard Poulin- A well known philanthropist and businessman

Mr. Bernard Poulin is known for his interest and support for scientific research. He has made numerous donations to the cause. The most recent was a $100,000 donation to INRS University (Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique), supported by the Armand Frappier Foundation for promoting research on healthy foods. He recognizes the importance of higher education and has served 10 years on Seton Hall University’s Board of Overseers for the John C. Whitehead School of Diplomacy and International Relations.

SMi leads the way for TETRA Network implementation

Bernard Poulin’s company, The S.M. Group International Inc. (SMi), is known as Canada’s leading engineering firm, undertaking project management with special emphasis on community and environment-friendly systems. In 2011, BC Hydro selected SMi along with PowerTrunk, a leading firm in land mobile radio systems to put into operation the first TETRA network set up in North America.

System integration form SMi

For this project, SMi, under the guidance of Bernard Poulin, provided system integration while the infrastructure for the land mobile radio systems was provided by PowerTrunk.

The BC Hydro PowerTrunk network was planned to cover Vancouver as well as the neighboring areas and has 25 TETRA 409-430 MHz site terminal stations. A huge system for power management is operated and maintained by BC Hydro and it caters to almost 1.8 million people in the area, includes a majority of British Columbia’s population.

Vocal communication was the primary requirement for BC Hydro, but it also planned to utilize mobile communications mechanism for data processes like text messaging and transmission of short data.

Talking about the contribution of SMi, CEO and President Bernard Poulin said that the company is always on top of the most recent technology advancements, which allows clients to have access to the best modern solutions. This gives them confidence and a sense of reliability with regards to the effectiveness of services and costs saving.

Poulin further added that SMi has successfully delivered several contracts all across the globe in the Telecoms and Security industries, offering clients different kinds of advanced technology solutions. The TETRA network project was one of its most unique ventures, which he was very excited to be a part of.

Other accolades for Mr. Bernard Poulin

In December 2009, Mr. Bernard Poulin, founder of the S.M. Group International, was bestowed with a doctor of letters, honoris causa by the New Jersey City University.

Mr. Poulin received the degree at a ceremony held at the University campus, which was attended by all respected community members of the University such as the deans, vice presidents, foundations members and trustees.

Bernard Poulin: Beauty and the Breast

Bernard Poulin is the CEO and president of the S.M. Group International, an engineering firm that specializes in innovation in environmental and quality-control projects. Bernard Poulin served as the executive producer on the documentary film Beauty and the Breast, by first-time director Liliana Komorowska. Poulin sees his collaboration with this project as an extension of his and his company’s mission to offer quality improvements to his community through ingenious problem-solving.

What began as a personal journey to understand the disease that took the lives of Komorowska’s own grandmothers, both passing away in their 50s, was transformed into a series of inquiries into the multifaceted ways women have come to address and cope with their own diagnoses of breast cancer. Following nine women, Komorowska develops a narrative that allows each woman to blossom before the audience into a being of special depth and particular grace amid the maelstrom of assaults brought on by their cancers as well as their treatments.

The film has already won numerous awards at Canadian film festivals and has most recently been shown as part of the New Jersey Film Festival.

Bernard Poulin: SMi Helps Complete Algeria’s Highway in Record Time

Based in Montreal, Bernard Poulin has led The S.M. Group International Inc. (SMi) since 1972. The company’s innovative geotechnical engineering and energy optimization efforts have earned SMi numerous industry recognitions. Algeria’s Minister of Labour recently recognized Bernard Pouli and his team for their vital role in the completion of a major East-West highway.

SMi’s involvement in the project began in 2007, when the company was selected to take external control over principal study phases, and to oversee construction of the highway’s Western section. The nearly 360 kilometer highway was completed in record time of just over three years. Some 270 structures and works of art, as well as 70 interchanges, were integrated into the modern highway that stretches across Algeria to the Oran region along Morocco’s border. With the highway opened in late 2010, SMi engineers remained involved in finalization of the project for some time afterwards.

Beauty and the Breast: Documenting the Lives of Breast Cancer Survivors, By Bernard Poulin, Executive Producer

The pain, grief, and terrors associated with receiving a diagnosis of breast cancer are personal, private, and seldom if ever shared with anyone beyond spouse and immediate family. The intensely personal nature of the disease and the ravages it can cause leave those stricken by it most likely to cope and adapt their lives in silence. The silence of these survivors often mystifies further an already puzzling and devastating disease.

Beauty and the Breast, which opened to great acclaim in numerous film festivals in 2012, seeks to peel back that layer of silence by documenting the personal journeys of nine women diagnosed with breast cancer at various stages of their lives. Directed by Liliana Komorowska, Beauty and the Breast portrays the evolving stages of each woman’s life as she moves from first suspecting the disease to receiving the dreaded diagnosis, treatment, and its after-effects. The documentary chronicles the physical, emotional, and spiritual changes each woman underwent in her personal battle with breast cancer, providing audiences with a profound and intimate look at the cancer’s impact on individual lives.

More than a chronicle on breast cancer in women’s lives, Beauty and the Breast is a narrative of personal journeys from fear and despair to hope, self-acceptance, and triumph. By giving voice to nine individual women, Beauty and the Breast speaks loudly and reassuringly to audiences everywhere about building hope, overcoming fears, and living lives of grace, dignity, and self-respect in the face of a deadly disease.

Bernard Poulin is Executive Producer of Beauty and the Breast and President and Chief Executive Officer of The S. M. Group International Inc., which sponsored the documentary film.

“Green Engineering: The Future of Design,” by Bernard Poulin

A lot of things are being called “green” or “eco-friendly” these days: materials, companies, movements, and even advertising campaigns. Some of these are more effective at reducing human impact on the environment and natural resources than others. One of the most important “green” movements of the 21st century is green engineering.

Green engineering, in basic terms, is the art and science of applying the principles of engineering to create systems and structures that minimize resource usage and toxic byproducts. Green engineering requires holistic thinking about all stages of the engineering and design process, including direct assessment of the environmental impact of a project, and thorough systems analysis. The field is exciting for engineers because it encourages a great deal of innovation and even invention to achieve its goals.

A successful green engineering project takes local culture, ecosystems, and geography into account and produces a result that fits into all of these things while keeping waste at a minimum and preserving or sometimes even improving the surrounding environment. As the human population of the planet continues to grow, green engineering promises to become increasingly more relevant and important as a way to use our natural resources more efficiently than ever before.

About the author: Engineer and businessman Bernard Poulin is the President and CEO of S.M. Group International, an engineering firm that employs green thinking to implement environmentally sound, resource-efficient projects in countries all over the world.